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com. Oct. 29, 2009. Electronic Book in electronic format - Download as PDF File. In the mind of the beholder, we become, are we all in the same state as others, as if we were in a dream or, as in a dream, our reality and other realities exist only in the space of our consciousness? Therefore, if we were to presume that we would be more than others in our actions, to know that we would be one of the others in our consciousness is very frightening, very terrifying. By overcoming fear, we are likely to recognize the nature of our thoughts and emotions. Our ordinary consciousness is affected by our thoughts and emotions, which determine the state of our body and by the state of our body, we form the state of our consciousness. If we want to eliminate ourselves from being in this state, we have to conquer our fear, overcome our anger,. Sometimes our fear is like a chain that binds us to a prison, and, of course, to escape, we need some tools, some guidence. There is no need to use things that are outside ourselves, because by doing that we are limited to the limits of our consciousness. By overcoming fear, we can go beyond the level of our ordinary consciousness and find ourselves a state in which our consciousness is freed. When we can stand outside ourselves, then we can use our God-given power to break the chain of fear and use it to evolve, to ascend. When we overcome fear, we conquer anger. We conquer our ego, that is, the side of our self that is egocentric, self-centered. By overcoming fear, we will take a step forward. If we are happy, we can be a happy person, but if we have fear, then we are like a dead, with a corpse, because it is our fear that makes our existence as a living being futile. But when we overcome fear, we can be alive. If we wish to see, we need to take a step forward. So, this is all about how we can become awake, and what are the steps we need to take to awaken us from our deep sleep. By overcoming fear, we awaken us from our deep sleep and get back to the state of our consciousness, and then we will be free from the chains of the prison that were generated by fear. But to become



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